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  introduction structure
Jwasuyeong Eobang Nori consists of four parts. This is a traditional event based on anchovy seining done by the Suyeong Bay in the Joseon Dynasty and Eoroyo is a key element of this event.
 Naewang Sori
Naewang Sori meaning songs given and taken is the first part showing the process of making the seining net for fishing while singing the work songs. Since the process of making the net with use of rice straws and arrowroot vines is long and boring and requires good harmony, they make it while giving and taking songs. Such songs are collectively called Naewang Sori.
 Sari Sori
This part expresses the process of pulling the seining net, while singing Eoroyo. Sari Sori is a song to concentrate their forces on pulling the net in time and make the hard work fun. This part is a central one of Jwasuyeong Eobang Nori and shows the true aspect of Eoroyo.
 Garae Sori
This part shows the process of shoveling out fishes in the net and carrying them in baskets while singing Eoroyo. Garae means the shovel for taking fishes.
 Chingching Sori
This part expresses the town festival of preparing and offering sacrifices to the Sea God when they get a big catch of anchovies and having foods, singing songs, and dancing to congratulate the big catch.
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